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Changes to Gmail create a positive effect on reports

As some people may be aware, Gmail have recently changed the way they display images in their emails. Instead of them making a request for an image each time the email is opened, they now store the image. This includes a very small image we use within your campaigns to track opens and reads.

After some research into what this will mean for reporting, we here have come to the conclusion that this is indeed a good thing when it comes to tracking email to Gmail. This is because it means that all Gmail opens will be tracked by default from now on, and as they don’t cache any images until the first time a Gmail is opened, all the opens you will see in your report from a Gmail account won’t just be a confirmation of delivery but actual opens.

The only down side is that this may mean that multiple reads of the same email to Gmail may not be tracked, although from what we can see the caching period is short so if the multiple reads are not within a couple of minutes of each other they will still be tracked.

Please note that these changes to Gmail will only affect emails opened in the following clients:

  • Gmail web client (desktop and mobile)
  • Official Gmail IOS app (latest versions)
  • Official (built in and default for Gmail) Gmail android client (latest versions)

It will not affect emails which are opened in Outlook, Android Mail app (built in app as opposed to Gmail client), or other stand alone email clients accessing Gmail via IMAP or POP3.

Case Study: Wax Lyrical

Wax Lyrical is one of the UK’s largest privately owned home fragrancing companies, designing and manufacturing luxury scented candles, reed diffusers and private label collections.

They came to us asking for a soft approach to marketing that would engage and educate their customers about Wax Lyrical and their products. Gencia Media had re-designed and launched a great new website and they wanted everyone to know about it, whilst keeping in touch with old customers and attracting new ones.

We came up with a plan which consisted of themed campaign’s, social media competitions and affinity campaign’s. By creating engaging email newsletters and increasing their social media community, with Facebook followers increased from under 500 to over 1500 and Twitter followers increased from under 1000 to over 2200, we helped Wax Lyrical increase site visits by 41% and revenue by 50%.


Five ways to build an email database

In today’s challenging times, Email Marketing can offer a fast and cost effective way to distribute news, offers or generally keep clients and prospects in the loop on what’s happening within your business.

One of the main benefits of email marketing lies in the ability to check offers have been read, clicked on and even which offers were most of interest to whom. It can also measure specifically, the part of your email which has hooked them in.

For any company looking to utilise this marketing tool, the first task is to assemble an ‘opt in’ email database to send out to.

However many businesses we talk to often struggle here because of a failure to manage customer records or properly log incoming enquiries.

So if this sounds like you, here are 5 key ways to help you build a targeted database – and take the first steps towards email marketing success.

1.  Collect business cards at networking events

It’s always a good idea to collect business cards at any networking event you attend as it provides an invaluable way of forming/maintaining new business relationships. Make sure you keep them close to hand as you never know when you might need them.

2.  Pull together all inbound enquiries

Whenever someone contacts you with an enquiry be sure to always take all of their details. It sounds simple but it’s easy to forget! That way you can always do follow up calls to check that they are happy with your service or tell them about new products or deals they may be interested in.

3.  Sign up widget & Recommend a friend

Why not incorporate a sign up widget and recommend a friend section on to your website? You can either offer a discount for just the current customer or spread the offer to both parties. This is an effective way of increasing customers and encouraging the promotion of your company through word of mouth.

4.  Current customers

Don’t forget your current customers! It’s easy to focus all of your efforts on trying to attract new customers and neglect the ones that you already have. Reward your customers for their loyalty with offers and deals.

5.  Competitions

When it comes to holding competitions social media is your best friend. Post your campaign on Facebook or do a ‘Re-tweet to win’ competition on Twitter.

Once you’ve built your database, you are now ready to go with your first campaign.

For more ideas, costs and ways LiveWire Campaign can support you, call 0161 2145218 or email

Scheduled Sending Now Live!

Have a time sensitive campaign to send?

Want to spread a number of campaigns over the week or month ahead?

LiveWire Campaign’s new Scheduled Sending functionality lets you do just that!

Simply send the campaign as you would normally, then on the Confirm Details screen, tick the Send Later box and select the date and time you want the campaign to be sent.

LiveWire Campaign - Scheduled Sending Screen

This is one of a number of ongoing updates to LiveWire Campaign functionality - let us know what you think - and if you have any suggestions, please add a comment to this post, tweet @LWCampaign - or send an email to info at

Further Improvements to Reports Module

We’ve made a number usability enhancements to the LiveWire Campaign reports summary screen.

Click through and open percentages are now shown on the summary screen, together with the date and time of the last recipient action - so it’s now easy to see at a glance any campaigns which have had recent activity, without having to click into each report.

You can also sort and filter the summary report by any of the displayed values - which makes it much easier to get an overview of the campaigns you are currently interested in.  This together with the summary statistics, allows you to perform comparative analysis of the best (or worst) performing campaigns, which should help you to create even more effective communications going forward.

And by popular request, we have also added a Hide Test Campaigns button, which quickly removes all the Test to Self campaigns from the list.

This is one of a number of ongoing updates to LiveWire Campaign functionality - let us know what you think - and if you have any suggestions, please add a comment to this post, tweet @LWCampaign - or send an email to info at

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