Changes to Gmail create a positive effect on reports

As some people may be aware, Gmail have recently changed the way they display images in their emails. Instead of them making a request for an image each time the email is opened, they now store the image. This includes a very small image we use within your campaigns to track opens and reads.

After some research into what this will mean for reporting, we here have come to the conclusion that this is indeed a good thing when it comes to tracking email to Gmail. This is because it means that all Gmail opens will be tracked by default from now on, and as they don’t cache any images until the first time a Gmail is opened, all the opens you will see in your report from a Gmail account won’t just be a confirmation of delivery but actual opens.

The only down side is that this may mean that multiple reads of the same email to Gmail may not be tracked, although from what we can see the caching period is short so if the multiple reads are not within a couple of minutes of each other they will still be tracked.

Please note that these changes to Gmail will only affect emails opened in the following clients:

  • Gmail web client (desktop and mobile)
  • Official Gmail IOS app (latest versions)
  • Official (built in and default for Gmail) Gmail android client (latest versions)

It will not affect emails which are opened in Outlook, Android Mail app (built in app as opposed to Gmail client), or other stand alone email clients accessing Gmail via IMAP or POP3.

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